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One-on-One With Your Medical Provider From The Beginning

Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic – supervised Three Step Rapid Weight Loss Program is fast, safe and effective.

Our three-step medically supervised weight loss management program offers an exceptional weight solution using a combination of

  • comprehensive eating guides
  • behavioural and psychological interventions
  • prescription medications when needed
  • nutritionally complete evidence based therapies
  • maintining good health while you attain your weight loss goal.

At Elina Medical Weight Loss during your time on the program, you doctor will be available, accessible and supportive.

Medical Assessment - Your Initial Visit

In your initial clinic visit our medical staff will take a comprehensive medical history along with tests if needed to ensure your suitability for a rapid weight loss program

Your Initial Visit will include the following:

  • Consultation and evaluation
  • Medical and Weight history, body composition analysis
  • A discussion of the available prescribed weight loss medications
  • A customized weight management plan, diet, recipes and exercise
  • A comprehensive support path – Phone, Web based, Email and Facebook group


Weight loss medications should be considered as an adjunct to lifestyle intervention in patients with a BMI >30 or BMI >27 with obesity related medical conditions.

There are a number of medications now available to assist in weight management. The use of these medications requires a complex assessment of the risks and side effects contrasted with the benefits of losing and maintaining weight. Medicines work best when combined with diet and exercise programs with close clinical monitoring and supervision.

At Elina medical weight loss, we can provide detailed information on the medicines currently available and their success rate.

The following drugs are available for prescription in Australia and may be useful.

List of TGA Approved Medications for use in weight management

Liraglutide (Saxenda)

  A daily self injection that  works both on your stomach to make you feel full and directly on your appetite control centre of the brain to stop hunger and cravings.


a centrally acting hunger suppressant and stimulant.


A double  medication combination that works both on the appetite control centre to reduce hunger and also on the behavioural centre that causes addictive eating behaviour – this reduces triggered eating and cravings.



  Available over the counter, It binds fat and reduces calorie absorption. Diarrhoea is a common side effect


How To Use Your Saxenda Pen

Can Weight Loss Medications Help?
Weight loss medications are an adjunct to diet and behavioural programs and may help with rapid weight loss programs.
They wont lose the weight for you but they can certainly make the process much easier.
Watch the Video and chat to us about the various medications available in Australia that may be suitable for you.


We take a very different approach to age old problem of weight regain after weight loss.
If you accept the clear evidence that weight is biologically controlled and we have a preset weight baseline hardwired into our DNA, regain of weight after weight loss should come as no surprise. In fact it should be absolutely expected.

Some of us have higher weight set points than others and our bodies fight to stay within these ranges.

Our clinical program is designed to allow you to lose weight by overcoming and essentially side stepping you weight defense systems, and teach you to maintain your weight by slowing weight regain and losing small amounts of weight on a regular basis to get off the weight roller coaster ride.


At Elina Weight Loss you will have one to one support  from a dedicated weight loss doctor from the beginning.

Video Consultations

The good news is that weight management does lend itself to video consulting.

Our Chat room portals are simple to use and requires no installation on your devices

We can send referrals, pathology requests and prescriptions by email

The technology is really easy to use – just click and connect to us.

 Find out more HERE


You don’t need to do this alone. All our doctors are accessible and available by email, phone and video, In addition we have a closed Facebook group for patients on our program. The Elina weight loss support group is a private space for our patients to ask questions, share recipes, ideas, tips and inspiring weight loss stories. Join in to meet likeminded people sharing and supporting each other. We will be uploading members only content with tips and tricks.

Lifestyle Support

Lifestyle treatments for obesity and weight loss can be challenging and time consuming.
We specialise in education and empowerment. We want this to be the last weight loss program you do.
Our “Empowerment for Success” education series is very popular and designed to teach you not only how to lose weight, but how to confidently manage your weight, independently for the rest of your life.
It consists of one to one video based discussions about-

  • The science of biology of weight
  • Carbohydrates – how to have your cake and eat it too
  • The role of fats and proteins
  • Exercise, why it sabotages weight loss and how to overcome this
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Dealing with hunger and cravings
  • Our 10 Step weight Maintenance Plan

Meal plans, recipes and food ideas

We provide tips and tricks to make your food tasty, interesting, enjoyable and able to be shared with the whole family. Losing weight with bland, boring  food is not a path to success. We provide detailed meal plans and recipe ideas. See a small sample by clicking on the link below.


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