Contrave can it help?

Contrave is now available in Australia for Weight Management.
The Doctors at Elina Weight Loss Clinic can prescribe to help lose weight when Dietary and Exercise Programs have not been successful on their own. It is important to remember that body weight is regulated by hormonal signals and the body’s control systems can go to great lengths to prevent weight loss and promote regain of weight.
Although Lifestyle is a big factor in why people gain weight there’s a definite Genetic and Biological reason too. Because of differences in physiology, some people will just have a harder time losing and maintaining weight.
Contrave is a new oral therapy recently approved by the TGA for use in Weight Management. Contrave is a two in one treatment working on both the hunger control centre and the addiction, craving centre. This double effect can make a big difference by suppressing hunger and cravings during WEIGHT LOSS .
At the first BULK BILLED appointment patients undergo a detailed assessment of their weight journey and physical health status to assess suitability for our Intensive Medically Supervised Program.
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