Craving Milk? Which alternative is best for you?

Almond, soy, skim, low-fat, full cream ?

When assessing milk , you need to consider the following

Protein – The higher the better as it helps with keeping you feeling full
Fat – Use the low fat varieties
Calcium – Look for calcium fortified variants
Carbohydrates – Read the nutritional panel and look for the low carb brands
Total calories – The fat and carbs make up most of the calories, aim for 100cal per serve.

For Weight loss – stick to skim milk,
IF lactose or Milk allergy – Try Low fat soy milk or almond milk
Oat-milk is higher in carbohydrates but is creamier in texture and froths well for coffee
Rice milk is low in protein and high in carbs
Coconut milk is higher in fats but is very low carb

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