Energy Wasters Vs Energy Hoarders

We are either energy hoarders or energy wasters

Wasters- Can’t sit still, fidget and move.

Hoarders – Sit still, use little energy and don’t feel rewarded after exercise.

Incidental Activity Adds Up!

Contrary to popular belief more energy is used in a day with incidental activity than with planned exercise.

So how can you increase your incidental activity? – Be an energy waster.

  • Fidget as much as possible
  • Get up and pace/stretch
  • Get a foot roller
  • Get up to walk when talking on the phone
  • Choose stairs
  • Pace the room
  • Rake the leaves for 30 minutes, and you’ll burn 135 calories.
  • Wash the car for the same length of time and burn 150 calories.
  • Scrub the bathtub for 15 minutes, and you’ll burn off about 60 calories
  • Even shopping can give your heart a boost if you power walk through the mall while carrying a few shopping bags

The key is to do everyday activities with intensity.


Some exercise is better than none!
•You don’t need to exercise to lose weight -BUT
•You can’t keep weight off without it!
•You can’t outrun a bad diet
•Being generally active all day is the best exercise
•Exercise helps you heart, your brain and your mood

Start low, Build up and make It FUN!

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