Falling off the wagon

Binging is a natural part of any weight loss program. Regaining weight is a biological imperative and binging is a great way for your homeostatic systems to try to achieve this. Although you may feel listless and bloated the increased hunger can change a brief binge into a sustained one!
1 Stay positive and accept binges as a natural defence to weight loss – Don’t weigh yourself every day, weigh yourself weekly
2. Use extra protein and low starch vegetables to stop hunger, don’t try to deprive yourself as it will just make you want to binge more.
3. Keep healthy food visible and accessible at all times – Preparation is the key to overcoming urges.
4. Think about the binge trigger and how you could circumvent it next time. Don’t ignore your body because you are too busy. Pause regularly to reduce stress and graze on low calorie food over the day
5. Remove the foods that trigger you, no need to test yourself!
6. It’s never too late to restart no matter how long the binge has lasted. Be confident that you know how to lose weight again, you just need to make a start.
As always come along to consult with one of our friendly Elina doctors to discuss how to overcome hunger and cravings using all the tools we have, and we can help you decide which one is best for you.

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