Mindfulness: During CoVID -19

Become a good friend to yourself over a cup of tea!

Mindful eating simply means putting all your focus on the food while eating, instead of mindlessly shoving food in your face while watching TV or scrolling on your phone.

Try this mindful eating technique:

Make yourself a drink of your choice.

What does the glass or mug look like? What colour is the liquid? How does it feel to hold?

Is it hot or cold? How does it feel in your mouth? What can you taste? Does it have a smell?

Doing this with food can help you slow down and notice when you’ve eaten enough. It may also help with feelings of guilt and anxiety around food if you also pay attention to why you’re eating.

Often our internal triggers [to eat] are more or less emotional — stress, anxiety.

Whenever you get the urge to snack, just stop and do a little bit of a mental scan … Have I just put down the phone from a work call that really made me cross? … Am I bored?”

This pause isn’t to stop you eating. It’s to help you be aware of why you’re eating.

When you do notice your triggers, it’s important not to judge yourself for them.

Become more of what we would call a friendly observer (to yourself)!

How then can we mindfully make good food choices?

  • Make a schedule or a daily meal plan. A schedule is more predictable for you and for everyone in your household.
  • Plan for groceries. Try to buy fewer processed, high-salt or high-sugar snacks.
  • Load up on vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins.
  • Save money. Skip the high-sugar soda and juices; instead flavour water with edible citrus or berries.
  • Plan and enjoy an occasional comfort food for a weekly treat — pick a day and enjoy whatever you want, just not all your favourites on the same day!
  • Manage your environment.If snacks,lollies are simply not in the cupboard, then you can’t eat it.

Be KIND to yourself, take it one moment and thought at a time .

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