Practice mindful eating!


Being mindful and conscious about what you are eating, why you are eating and even how you are eating is an important part of satiety.
If you are not fully present and distracted during a meal you are much less likely to be aware of when you are satisfied rather than full or even over full.
Practicing mindful eating and not eating in a hurry will give your natural hormones time to trigger the apprentice centres of your brain and help you to stop eating when you reach satiety

Try these simple mindfulness tricks.

1. Focus on eating and savoring your food – No TVs, reading, phone browsing. Enjoy conversation with companions.

2. Have a full glass of water prior to eating- get you stomach sending signals to your brain early!

3. Put your knife and fork down between each mouthful so you have to remember to pick them up for each bite.

4. Chew slowly and well and enjoy the taste and texture of your food.

5. Have a sip of water after each bite to help clear your palate.

6. Be the last to finish, not the first! Allow time for the fullness message to reach the brain.

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