Want to Weigh Less? Sleep more!

Want to Weigh Less? Sleep more!

While you didn’t sleep, your body was busy cooking up a perfect recipe for weight gain. Ever wonder why some days you make bad decisions. Maybe too tired to exercise, or decide to get take away, that latte to wake yourself up?

Sleep deprivation leads to fatigue, weaker decision making and impulse control. Kind of like being a little bit drunk.

In addition, your reward centres are looking for a quick fix, march harder to resist when sleepy or tired from lack of sleep.

There are also metabolic and hormonal changes that result. Particularly a spike in the stress hormone and reduced insulin sensitivity – the main effect of this is that you will burn fat far less efficiently.

On top of this your normal sleep time spike in Leptin (feeling full hormone) and drop in Ghrelin (feed me, I’m hungry hormone) doesn’t occur, leading to significant increase in hunger and food intake. Your brain tells you that you are hungry even though you don’t need the food. Losing weight while sleep deprived can cause you to be hungrier and less satisfied after meals.

Think of sleep as food for the brain. You should be getting around 7-9 hours a night.

Here are some Simple Sleeping Tips – For those of us that don’t have an on/off switch!

-Ban Phones, TVs from bedrooms

-The bed is only for sleep (sex is ok!) – no reading in bed, no entertainment

-Have a daily night time routing each time to remind your brain that it is now time to sleep

-Have a dedicated worry chair to process your days problems and next day planning

-Avoid heavy meals, Caffeine and alcohol in the late evenings

-Make your room completely dark – no street lamps, night lights, clock displays etc

– If you Snore or have pauses in your sleep breathing, speak to you doctor about Sleep Apnoea.

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