Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss / Injections

Visit an Elina clinic in North Melbourne, Glen Waverley, Berwick and Bundoora to see if it is suitable for you.

Please note that your doctor only prescribes weight loss medications as part of a supervised program with regular reviews and only for patients with significant overweight, this will be discussed at the introduction meeting.


How to take it

The way to take this medicine is: Subcutaneous. This medicine is injected with a short needle on a pen-like device, into the fat just beneath the skin.


  • Store at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius
  • Protect from Light
  • Refrigerate
  • Do not Freeze

Do I need a prescription?

This medicine is available from a pharmacist and requires a prescription. It is Schedule 4 : Prescription Only Medicine.

Is this medicine subsidised?

It is only available on private script.




Elina clinic was first established in Glen Waverley in 2017 to provide a dedicated weight management service to patients. The doctors are independent and ahpra registered.

They aim to provide accesses to evidenced based weight management services to all Victorians. With the significant advances in our understanding of obesity, the availability of safe and effective medications to assist, and a focus on empowerment and self management it is an extremely rewarding form of health care. It is wonderful to be able to make a difference.

We have

  • Multiple Locations in Victoria
  • Online and Skype consults
  • Web Based services
  • Am independent  team of Doctors passionate about helping people frustrated by traditional programs with little results.

Core Principles Are:

  • Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Integrity and Empathy
  • Empowerment and knowledge
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