Body Mass Index Calculator

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Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is an indirect measure of your body fat. It can be inaccurate if you have a lot of muscle (lean body mass). However, It is still a useful tool.

During your initial consultation your doctor will review your weight loss goals. They will determine an ideal adjusted body weight, taking into account your lean body mass and your ability to defend your chosen weight range.

Importantly just 10% of body weight loss has significant health benefits.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

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Your total energy expenditure (Metabolic Rate) in a day is made up of
1. Resting metabolic rate – The energy your body uses to just be alive
2. Background activity rate – The energy you use to do daily activist like walking around, washing dishes , moving

3. Calories burned during exercise – this depends on the intensity an dduration of exercise

Interestingly most of the energy you expend in a day comes from normal body process such as breathing, thinking digesting and keeping warm. You burn most of your energy just by being alive.
Getting metabolically more active and increase both incidental exercise and planned exercise is an import part of weight management
It is important to remember however that you can’t out run a bad diet. You do not have time in the day to burn up calories from a high calorie diet.
Use the Basal Metabolic Rate calculator above to check your calorie expenditure and come along to Elina Medical Weight Loss clinic to see how we can help you with your weight loss Journey.


At Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic our doctor will work together with you to develop a
weight loss program that is tailored to your specific health needs and preferences.

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