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You are not lazy or lacking in willpower!

Understand Weight – Meet Amanda

At Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic the doctors can show you How to Lose Weight. They understand why even with the strongest will and motivation, sustained weight loss is often elusive.

Many people have been told to eat less and move more and are frustrated with the lack of results. We understand why this advice, whilst well meaning, is not very helpful.

What really drives weight gain? 

Our Environment

Our society is not conducive for maintaining a healthy weight – we sit most of the day, we use cars for transport, we have a fast-paced life and food that is promoted is often rich in calories and poor in nutrients

Our Genes

Some people are naturally slim, no matter what they eat, whilst others put on weight easily. We all have a different “capacity” to store energy (weight) That is determined by our genes

Our Set point

Much like a heater thermostat, our body tries to keep our weight steady. It is generally believed that this is in under our conscious control however, there are powerful systems that regulate our energy intake in order to help us survive. The hunger and eating control centre is in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus

Your body is well adapted to take over your appetite and energy expenditure to ensure your weight returns to the weight it determines for you, trying to lose weight is not futile, but we can be more successful if we understand the biology of what is going on behind the scenes..

Our body compensates for changes in our weight by a complex interplay of hormones, behaviour and metabolism. There are two main hormones that regulate weight.


Ghrelin is secreted by the stomach and is the primary hunger Hormone. Losing weight results in sustained long lasting increase in ghrelin causing increased hunger and reduced satiety by its direct effect on the brain. Ghrelin is a powerful hormone and easily overrides the hormones from other body organs that tell the brain that that we are full.


Leptin is secreted by fat cells and is one of many fullness and appetite suppression hormones. Losing weight results in sustained long lasting decrease in leptin. Low leptin levels triggers increased appetite, increased hunger and reduced fat metabolism. The more fat we store the higher the leptin levels until our internal set point weight target is once again achieved and leptin levels can then fall.

Why do 95% of people regain weight?

Our Hunger levels go up affecting our behaviour
The body expends less energy by Increasing fuel efficiency
Fullness (satiety) levels go down

Rapid Weight Loss—Is it safe and why do the doctors recommend it?

Supervised and done correctly rapid weight loss is safe and the most effective way to reach a weight target they can be defended. For the very overweight, a slow weight loss program results in years of intense concentration and dietary restriction. Slow weight loss can’t override your biological imperative to defend weight.

The doctors use a nutritionally complete, appetite suppressing, rapid weight loss program with a focus on losing weight while circumventing hunger.

Why do 95% of people regain weight?

Regaining weight is a biological imperative that is genetically encoded.

There are 3 main changes that occur in the body with weight loss:

  • hunger levels go up (hormonally driven)
  • fullness (satiety) levels go down
  • the body expends less energy by increasing the efficiency of muscle contraction and reducing energy expenditure.

What is the Key to long-term weight loss success?

  • Lifelong attention to healthy eating/exercise
  • Controlling appetite (strategies to feel full) and eating behaviour
  • Understanding the biological drive to preserve and maintain weight
  • Put into place systems to overcome this Biological imperative
  • Use medications to assist if these systems fail.
  • Consider surgery if dangerously overweight


At Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic, the doctors  encourage their patients to participate in a medically supervised rapid weight loss program. The program is designed to assist you to lose weight quickly and without being constantly hungry. Weight loss with constant hunger is not sustainable in anything but the very short term.

Book your introductory consultation to find out how your doctor can introduce you to a tailored program to assist you in achieving your weight goal and then keeping your weight off.


The doctors want this to be the last weight loss program you ever do!

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