What Patients Say About the doctors.

"My husband and I both did this weight loss clinic which was very successful. We both lost heaps of weight & are continually encouraged to keep weight off. Recommend this programme to anyone seriously interested in losing weight & living healthy"
"I highly recommend this clinic I am enable to loose weight then I visit to dr.ina takkar she help me so much I loose 7 kg thank u for your support."
"An experienced and efficient group of doctors to assist in the weight loss programme in losing those extra calories."
"I would like to continue thanking Elina , and the doctors involved in helping me change my life in my success of loosing 15kg plus . Started 2nd week of May this year in a size 14-16. Now comfortable in size 12 . I'm still following the program with 5kg too go. Loving my life, my mood and fitness is great . This was done with the weight loss program and support they give you . Minimal exercise was needed , because I'm usually a active person . Don't hesitate too give it a good try and with strong will power and persistence and ongoing support from a doctor will make a big difference . Give it all you got .Caterina Paino."
"Great programme...especially the support I am getting from Dr. Singh . They share healthy meal options which is really good as I don't have to worry about what to cook. SAY NO to STARVING. Glad I have joined the programme. Soon will share new ME."
"Easy program that really works. Helped my husband and I loose 10 percent of our weight very quickly . With GP guidance and accountability you can achieve your target. On maintenance now and just joined facebook for more creative recipes."
"Dr Thakker helped me reduced my postpartum weight gain. She has been so supportive and understanding throughout the weight loss journey and management!
"Highly recommended, very helpful and easy way to loose weight with loads of health benefits and lifestyle changes Thanks to Elina's team especially Dr Takkar and Dr Singh👍🏻"
"Great program. Highly recommend it. Easy to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Great health benefits. Very warm and helpful doctors,staff and a great experience in weight loss journey. Thank you Elina medical weight loss."
"The understanding and compassion of the team is exceptional, they all make you feel better about yourself along with helping you one in one with dietary requirements and living a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommend Elina Medical Weight Loss👍🏻"
"Highly recommended, easy to follow. First time that weight loss has been explained to me in depth and how my body works to achieve results. "


At Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic your doctor will work together with you to develop a
weight loss program that is tailored to your specific health needs and preferences.

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