Losing Weight is not easy, find out how we can help using safe and researched, evidence based programs.
Medications can be useful to assist with weight loss. They are not suitable for everyone but when combined with a low calorie diet it can be the key to overcoming your body’s natural weight defences.

Prescribed Saxenda? Watch this video to learn the simple steps to use the multi-dose device or click on the link below for more information about Saxenda

Meet Amanda and hear why just exercising more and eating less to lose weight just doesn’t work. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Understanding our biology will go a long way in helping  you lose weight and keep it off.

There are metabolic benefits to short intermittent fasting. We find that those who do lose weight often struggle to maintain their weight loss in the long term. This is due to hormonal regulation  and biological defences that trigger increased appetite, decreased satiety  and more efficient metabolism.

Dr Mike Evans talks about the amazing benefits of daily simple exercise. Inspiring message to share!

Prof Joe Proietto is a world-renowned investigator of the management of obesity. Professor Proietto established the first public obesity clinic in Victoria at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is now Head of the Weight Control Clinic at Austin Health. His TV series on SBS late 2017 is still available for viewing on SBS online.

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