Three Phase Program


    • We are multi skilled working GPs, caring for patients from Birth to 100+. Lose Weight with a Doctor on your side.
    • Over the years we have helped over 1000 Patients. Our program is Evidence Based, backed by Scientific Research.
    • We Listen and Understand. We Empower you with Knowledge, celebrate your Success and Assist you when you struggle.
    • Our job is only done when you can say ” I’ve got this, I know what to do!”


  • To provide you with evidenced based treatments to assist with rapid and safe weight loss
  • To provide you with a weight loss program that is tailored to your health and lifestyle needs
  • To arm you with the tools that you need to keep weight off long-term
  • To provide all of this within a respectful and supportive environment with the care of a medical professional.
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Tele Consultation

Bulk Billed Phone & Video Consults

This is a consultation with an Elina Doctor however, you actually stay at home and we manage your weight by use of a video-call. Our system is simple, secure and easy to access.
During the COVID-19 outbreak – ALL patients in lockdown, Australia wide, will qualify for Bulk Billed (Free) video or phone consultation

Private fee will apply if you are not in lockdown or  don’t qualify for Telehealth Medicare funding.

Bulk Billing only for the following categories-

1. You live in a lock-down zone (eg All of Melbourne – stage 3 and stage 4 lockdown)
or in any COVID out break zone.
2. You have had at least one face to face consult with any doctor at our clinic.

Otherwise a private fee needs to be charged – Please call the clinic to prepay for your appointment. 98028155

Your Health & Safety is our highest priority.

Call us to to arrange a booking

(03) 95812609

Weight Loss Doctors Melbourne - Start Your Transformation Today!

Our Program Is Based on The Principle That-

  • Will power and motivation will never overcome the body’s defence of its weight.
  • We are made, evolved and genetically imprinted to be a specific weight – blaming ourselves for that is pointless and dis-empowering.
  • Slow weight loss programs fail as the body is too good at overcoming will power. Losing weight fast and losing weight without hunger is our initial goal.
  • Maintaining weight after weight loss is the critical part of our program and preparing for this begins on Day 1 of our program.


Evidence Based Treatment Plans with Rapid Weight Loss – VLCD/ VLED/ Low Carb/ Low Fat/ High Protein Diets/ Intermittent Fasting/ Medications For Weight Loss

Call us to book a 30 Minute Bulk Billed introduction consultation.

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Our Services

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Our Elina Team

We are a team of experienced Melbourne based doctors and allied health specialists with over 20yrs of experience with a special interest in Weight management.We can help all patients concerned about their weight.

We can assist even if you have complex medical conditions including Diabetes, PCOS, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure,Sleep Apnoea.Our Mission is to provide a weight loss program that is tailored to health and lifestyle needs. Make the latest medical research and evidence accessible. To advise on the safe use of medications to those who would benefit and to provide all of this within a respectful and supportive environment with the care of a medical professional.

Understand Weight – Meet Amanda

Have you struggled to lose weight?

Have you lost weight but put it all straight back on?  Watch Amanda’s video to understand why!

At Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic we can show you How to Lose Weight. We understand why even with the strongest will and motivation, sustained weight loss is often elusive.

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Tele-health Consults and Weight Loss Program Bulk Billed for all areas in Lockdown, Australia wide.



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Bulk Billing available for all patients in Covid-19 lockdown locations.Contact Us Today. Open 7 Days

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