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Can You Really Be Hooked on Sugar?

Some people use sugary foods in ways that aren’t healthy, even though it may not be an actual addiction. Some signs: You crave sugar, lose control, and eat more than you planned.

Sugar Highs?

 The sugar in sweet processed food — called a simple carbohydrate — is quickly turned into glucose in your bloodstream. Your blood sugar levels spike. Simple carbs are also found in fruits, veggies, and dairy products. But these have fiber and protein that slow the process. Syrup, soda, candy, and table sugar don’t.

Sugar Lows?

 Your body shifts the sugar out of your blood stream and into your cells. Your pancreas secretes insulin leading to a sharp drop in blood sugar driving hunger and cravings for another sugar high, setting you up for another high/low roller-coaster.

Starchy foods, Carbohydrates- don’t let them fool you.

These starchy foods are complex carbs that the body breaks down into simple sugars.  Starches can make blood sugar surge and crash like sugar. White rice and white flour do this. Highly refined starches like white bread, pretzels, crackers, and pasta are worst!

Just because its nor sweet doesn’t mean its not sugary.

Start Slow and choose better quality carbohydrates

Try fresh berries or pureed fruit on oatmeal instead of sugar.
A glass of low-fat milk or low-sugar yogurt. Whole grains, and legumes are lower GI.

Protein will help.

Eating protein is an easy way to curb sugar cravings. High-protein foods digest more slowly, keeping you feeling full for longer. Protein doesn’t make your blood sugar spike the way refined carbs and sugars do. Pick proteins like lean chicken, low-fat yogurt, eggs, nuts, or beans.


Get Moving

Exercise can help wipe out those sugar cravings and change the way you eat in general. You start to feel better and want healthier foods. Do what you like, such as walking, riding your bike, or swimming. Start out slow, and work toward at least 150 minutes spread  throughout the week.


Artificial Sweeteners Can Help.

Artificial Sweeteners can help wipe out those sugar cravings  although in some it can make you crave for more.  Pay attention to your brain and body, stop them if they make you crave more.


Hydrate well, drink more fluids.

Thirst can drive sugar cravings and hunger. Try herbal teas, Soda water with lime or orange,

Be more self aware, is it really sugar you need or are you just dehydrated. Start with a big glass of water and sip fluids all day.


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