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Our Tele Weight Loss Program - What to Expect

The ELinA Weight Loss Journey


Please have a read through this page to get an idea of what to expect and how we run our program.


We know it is difficult taking the first step and there is a lot on Google that doesn’t appear to be based on Good Evidence.


We are AHPRA registered Doctors. We practice evidence based medicine with a focus on education and empowerment. We do nothing without explaining all the details, the risks and benefits of your treatment options.


Because we also work as GPs , running to time may be difficult. We will always call you when we can and if we run late, we can reschedule your appointment if you are no longer able to take the call.


We offer a

  • Comprehensive Supported Program – This is not a one off visit program – We will see you regularly, 1-2 times a month.
  • Education and empowerment through Knowledge
  • Consenting, information, Explanation
  • Non judgemental and Safe use of medication
  • Accountability, regular review
  • No sign on or lock in fees – you are free to end the program any time you wish
  • You are paying for time with an experienced , accredited Doctor. They will offer their expertise , knowledge and support.
  • Video and Phone consultations from the comfort of your home


We don’t offer

-Quick fix solutions

-Medications on demand (we encourage the use of weight loss medications when they are safe and part of a supported program only).

-Compromise your health and well-being. We will not provide services that compromise our professional care or your health and safety.

-We don’t refund your consultation fee  after your consultation with a doctor-  they have offered their time, experience and advice.

-We fully understand that these conditions may not be suitable to you – if so please contact us and cancel your appointment – If you have prepaid , a refund will be given.


  • There is no Sign on or lump sum fee
  • We charge for One on One consultations with an experienced weight loss doctor
  • Fees need to be paid in advance and are not refundable after the consultation.
$50 + CC fee(1.5%) for a standard appt (10-15mins)
$85 + CC fee (1.5%) for an extended appt (20-30min)
  • There is no Medicare rebate for our interstate patients unless you live in a Covid stage 3 or 4 Lockdown Area. – Call to discuss.
  • On average we see you twice a month $100-$130 per month cost.

Your First Appointment

This is a 15min assessment consultation. Your Elina Doctor will review your weight history  and medical history. They will explain the current best evidence in weight management and discuss your best options for safe and sustainable weight loss including a discussion on when and how medications will be introduced.

This is a perfect opportunity ask questions and to get a clear understanding of the journey you will be taking. We don’t start the program or offer medications in this appointment.

If you choose to continue with us you will need to book an extended appointment.


Elina Weight Loss Clinic - Medical Wieght Loss

Your Second Appointment (Induction)

This appointment is when your weight loss  Journey beings. It is  a video consult with your Elina doctor and lasts 20-30mins.

 -Most of our patients will begin their rapid weight loss programs using a very low calorie diet following this appointment.

-Our promise to you is that we can show you how to limit your calorie intake,  lose weight quickly while maintain nutritional safety.

-It is possible to eat generously and still lose weight using your natural appetite suppressants and changing eating behaviour. 

-We show you how to  reassure your weight defence centres in your brain that no harm is being done by losing weight.

-We expect you to try our method for just 1 week.

-If after one week you remain hungry or still crave extra food.


If there are no medical contraindications and your BMI is above normal –


We support the use of medications to assist in weight management. This will be discussed at the one week follow up appointment – your next appointment!


Your Third Appointment - 1 week after Induction

-This is a 15min review consultation. Your Elina Doctor will review your  first week of a structured diet and behavioural program.


-If you have lost weight, not hungry  we congratulate you and begin our education and support phase. The majority of our patients are surprised to find they have not only lost weight but haven’t struggled to do so.


-If however you are hungry and struggling – we introduce to you your medication options to allow you to continue your reduced calorie eating but without the burden of uncontrolled hunger and cravings (*subject to suitability and detailed discussion about risks and sid effects of the medications)
-You are welcome to delay the use of medications and start them when you need them. The power remains in your hands at your discretion.


Your 4th Appointment 2 weeks later

Here your Doctor will begin your education program. This is entirely optional but very popular and recommended.
These video consults involve one on one presentation and discussion around the following topics.
1. Living in a carbohydrate world – how to have your cake  and eat it too
2. How to exercise and NOT trigger your weight defence.
3. Understanding the hormones and defence mechanisms that protect weight – The science of weight loss
4. Comfort eating, habit eating and the psychology of weight
5. Fats and proteins
6. Weight Maintenance – how to confidently defend your weight after reaching your target – Living a normal life and loving your food.


Your Fifth and then ongoing Regular Monthly Appointments

These 10-15 min appointments are important to provide the support and accountability you need to stay positive and confident. We are available for when things get hard or you hit barriers. We can assist you to overcome these and offer alternative diets, medications or support therapies.

We help you to stay on track.


Your FInal Appointment

-You have reached your target, feeling positive and confident.

-This will be the perfect opportunity to complete our Maintenance Module –

-We will discuss How to manage your weight independently  and confidently using all the tools and skills you have learned during the program.

-You will transition to a filling, tasty healthy diet with a wide range of foods that you love.

-We expect that you will regain weight but have the tools and confidence  to quickly re-lose the weight. We will always be available to assist with this.

Get in touch

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