What is comfort eating?

# What is comfort eating?

Emotional eating (or comfort eating) is using food to make yourself feel better rather than to satisfy physical hunger.
• Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed or tired?
• Do you eat even when you feel full?
• Do you use food to reward yourself?
• Do you find it hard to stop yourself from eating?
• Do you often continue to eat when you know you have had enough?
• Do you find you have finished your food and don’t remember how it tasted?

It would be easy if emotional eating was simply a lack of self-disciple. This is rarely the cause. It actually appears to be a a result of

• Unconscious eating,
• Social and childhood conditioning to use food as a reward.
• Food as the main source of pleasure.
• Avoidance or difficulty in dealing with upsetting feelings (guilt and shame)
• Fatigue, stress, lack of sleep resulting in physiological changes driving hunger

# What can you do about it?

• Identify your emotional eating habits
• Find other ways to fulfill yourself– Laugh often! Explore hobbies, activates, friends.
• Manage your stress – Yoga, relaxation exercises or websites (eg smiling mind).
• Get enough sleep.
• Exercise (go for a brisk walks), turn to activity.
• Practice mindful eating (LINK)
• Change reward behaviour – replace reward foods with another positive experience or reward.
• Delay cravings, tell yourself to wait 10 mins then eat it if you still wish to, but eat it very consciously and enjoy every bite. Drink tea or fluids first
• Eat proactively not reactively – Avoid getting too hungry and plan to eat each day just prior to your usual hunger times.

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