Medicare Telehealth Changes from 20th July 2020

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Elina Weight Loss Clinic - Medical Wieght Loss

Medicare funding for Elina Weight Loss Clinic – Telehealth Consultations for our rapid weight loss program

A few days ago The Government announced it will now restrict COVID-19 Medicare GP telehealth items to circumstances where a patient has an existing relationship with a GP or general practice, The Government advises that: ‘In areas under stage three COVID-restrictions , the restrictions don’t apply eg Metropolitan Melbourne.
A relationship is defined as having seen the practitioner face to face in the last 12 months, or having seen a doctor at the same practice during the same period.

The full details unfortunately have not been released even though the restrictions will begin from the 20th July

Unfortunately this means we are no longer be able to offer bulk billed or Medicare funded services to our interstate patients and patients living outside Metropolitan Melbourne.

Our Telehealth , one on one, weight loss program has been extremely popular and the Telehealth platform has allowed patients with weight problems to receive support and care that they couldn’t get locally.

We intend to continue to offer our Telehealth program Australia wide.
Our Fees for those who don’t qualify for Bulk Billing will be as follows

– Standard Appointment – $50
– Extended appointment – $85

We usually see patients only once or twice a month, hence approximately $135 per month for a regular one on one consultation with an experienced weight loss doctor. We also offer phone, email and Facebook private group support.

Please call or book an appointment online. Our receptionist will contact you to arrange prepayment over the phone.
If you would like to speak to one of Our doctors for a brief discussion regarding our program. Please email or call the clinic and leave your contact details, an Elina Doctor will call you at no charge to assist with your questions.


Dr Ina Takkar

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